The Objectives of  Sri Lankan Engineers’ Association (SLEA)

To the country, society

  • Srilankan Engineers’ Association (SLEA)  aims to become the voice of Engineers in Sri Lanka for the national issues in technical areas and Involve in planning and policy making for the development of the country
  • While investment in infrastructure is of great importance, SLEA involves that it be procured on the best terms for our society, without committing succeeding generations to a massive debt burden; especially those based on unsolicited proposals, and assert that good governance is essential for development.
  • SLEA will work to establish a mechanism to ensure the suitability of foreign Engineers for the projects of Sri Lanka and arrange a work permit system to issue only if suitable Engineers are not available in the country to ensure the involvement of local capacity to foreign funded projects.
  • SLEA hope to act as the monitoring agency for the accreditation of foreign companies and the Engineering professionals in the country.
  • To offer the Government and its subsidiaries a forum to discuss and ascertain the views of Engineers on matters directly or indirectly affecting the Profession.

To the engineering profession 

  • To protect and to promote the interests, status, welfare and the rights and privileges of the profession of Engineers in Sri Lanka and interests of the public in relation to that profession and of persons desiring to qualify as Engineers.
  • SLEA will appear against injustice concerning their members.
  • To determine scales of fees and conditions of engagement for Engineers
  • To create a forum locally for Engineers to express their opinion, share their knowledge and to promote fellowship.
  • To liaise with local Universities/IESL/Associations to conduct courses/programs on Engineering.