1. Establish publicity and PR guide lines
  2. Obtain Membership of OPA
  3. Develop relationship with other professional organizations such as CIM, CIMA, ACCA etc.
  4. Establish our presence in District development councils
  5. Identify and invite eminent professionals to Advisory panel
  6. Develop relationship with ministry secretaries
  7. Ensure presence of our members into government policy making bodies and commissions by way of board presentations, chairmanships
  8. Develop relationship with Donor agencies and diplomatic missions
  9. Establish direct links and working relationship with key government /opposition politicians
Public relation
Name Contact no
 Eng. Pallegama  0777-34608
Eng. Vipula 0773-072033
Eng. Palitha 0773-218667
Eng. Sagara 0714-414855
Eng.Gamini 0775-368068